Being a Tenant with LJ Hooker Property South West WA has never been easier.

We are here to make renting with us stress-free and straight to the point for our valued clients!

You will find the most common tenant requirements in this section, helping you report emergency repairs, view the recommended checklist for inspections and report maintenance requests. 

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Renting in WA

Here you will find an easy-to-read guide that explains your rights and responsibilities as a tenant when renting in Western Australia - as per the Government of WA.

Tenant Emergency Repairs

What is an Emergency?

Urgent repairs fall into two categories: essential services and other urgent repairs.
A suitable repairer must be found within a reasonable time frame. There are some times when a tenant may need to arrange for the repairer.

Essential services
Essential services are listed in the Residential Tenancies Regulations 1989 and include repairs to:
• a burst water service
• gas leaks
• broken hot water system
• sewerage leaks or
• dangerous electrical faults

Other urgent repairs
• Other urgent repairs are not an essential service, but if not fixed might cause damage to the premises, injure a person or cause undue hardship or inconvenience to the tenant/s.

The landlord/lessor has 24 hours to do this if the repair is needed to a defined essential service, and 48 hours for any other urgent repair. The repair does not need to be fixed within this time but the lessor must make an appointment with the repairer to fix the problem.

Who Do You Call?

Please note that during business hours you must contact our office.

LJ Hooker Property South West WA use a broad range of contractors and where possible we try to have local tradespeople do our property maintenance.
If you find yourself with an emergency at your property outside normal business hours, please try contacting any of the following contractors.


Bunbury: Nixon Electrical 9726 2240

Collie: Collie Electrical 0409 680 315

Busselton: Busselton Electrical – Kim DeMorton – 0408 941 633


Bunbury: All-Tech Plumbing 0419 932 138 / 0407 961 205

Collie:  All-Tech Plumbing 0419 932 138 / 0407 961 205

Busselton: Blue Horizon Plumbing & Gas – Ryan Tancred – 0451 959 600


Bunbury: Procare locksmith 0407 604 712

Collie:  Collie Phoenix Glass 97344354

Busselton: Busselton Locksmith – Frank Clare – 0457 349 625

Glass Repairs

Bunbury: Bunbury Glass 9791 9917

Collie: Collie Phoenix Glass 97344354

Busselton: Naturaliste Glass – Mike Foster – 0416 104 751

If you engage in one of the above contractors, minimum repairs for essential or urgent maintenance only. The above contractors will deem if it is an emergency. If it is not deemed as an emergency you will have to wait for the next working day and report it to our office OR report your maintenance request on-line.

WA Emergency Services

Emergency (Fire, Ambulance, Police) - 000

Police - 13 14 44

Western Power - 13 13 51

ATCO - 13 13 52

Water Corporation - 13 13 85

State Emergency Services (SES) - 13 25 00

If you are broken into, please report it to the Police and obtain a Police Report number. Pass this onto your Property Manager as soon as possible.

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Tenant Inspection Guidelines


At LJ Hooker Property South West WA, we have a high attention to detail when it comes to routine inspections. Please see below an inspection guideline checklist to help when it comes to the standard of cleanliness and presentation expected.


All floors to be vacuumed and hard floors mopped
Skirting boards dusted and free of scuff marks
All blinds cleaned free of dust
Window glass to be cleaned, window sills and tracks to be cleaned free of dust and bugs
All ceiling fans and light shades to be dusted
Exhaust vent covers cleaned
High use areas of walls (surrounding beds and light switches) cleaned


Interior of oven including trays and glass clean and free of any fat/grease residue
Exterior of oven to be wiped over
Knobs to be pulled off and cleaned
Stove top clean and free of any spill stains and fat/grease residue
Range hood/ exhaust to be cleaned
Cupboards, benches and all other surfaces wiped over


Bath and/or shower clean and free of any soap/mould residue
Shower glass and mirrors clean
Vanity and other surfaces wiped over
Exhaust vent clean


Lawns and edges freshly mowed, weeded and grass clippings raked and disposed of
Bushes pruned and garden beds weeded
Remove any rubbish/clutter
Paving/patio area swept
All cobwebs removed from exterior
If applicable: pool area and pool clean


If applicable: pet faeces picked up and disposed of
Please ensure pets are restrained to ensure the safety of the Property Manager.

Please make sure all areas of the premises are accessible (including sheds/garages/storerooms).
Thank you, LJ Hooker Property South West WA

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Smoke Alarms and RCDs

Smoke Alarms

State legislation requires the installation and maintenance of smoke alarms in rental properties. By law, a rental property must be fitted with mains powered smoke alarms that are no more than 10 years old, in working order and permanently connected to mains power.

Where mains powered smoke alarms cannot be fitted, due to the construction of the dwelling not permitting space to conceal the wiring, or where no mains power is available, alarms with a 10 year battery life are permitted.

✔    Tenants are to notify the property manager immediately if the smoke alarms are not functioning properly

    Tenants are responsible for keeping smoke alarms in working order, clean, test and replace batteries. All smoke alarms have a test button that, when pressed, indicate whether the alarm is working or not.

✗    At no time can a tenant remove or relocate the smoke alarm or do anything to interfere with the alarm’s warning sound.

✗    At no time can a tenant remove or interfere with the batteries in any smoke alarm installed (other than replacing)

  Batteries in smoke alarms are, and remain, the property of your landlord. The tampering or removal of a smoke alarm battery (other than replacing) places you in serious risk of injury or harm in the event of a fire and can leave you liable to prosecution or fines.


Regulations require all residential homes to be fitted with at least two RCDs protecting all power and lighting circuits. Landlords must arrange for a minimum of two RCDs to be installed at their rental premises before offering the property for lease.

✔    Tenants should test their RCDs every three months to ensure their reliability. They should inform the property manager if the RCD does not operate.
✔    Faulty RCDs must be replaced immediately.

Click here for more information

Tenant Maintenance Request Form

Please submit your maintenance request form by clicking on the Read More button and then completing and submitting the Maintenance request form. Your property manager will then be in touch regarding the outcome. 

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